Timothy J. Teague, PhD, LPC

Email: tteague@insightactiontherapy.com

Tim Teague, Ph.D. has been a licensed professional counseling since 1983, and has strengthened thousands of marriages and families through counseling and seminars with a full-time practice since 1985, serving two churches in Northern Virginia in the areas of counseling and family life utilizing biblical truth. He enjoys working with couples, adults, teens, and children above age 5. His expertise includes marriage preparation, strengthening marriages and families, and helping individuals discover more peace and meaning in their lives as they overcome anxiety and stress. Common issues in counseling include communication, conflict resolution, parenting, finances, sexual intimacy, substance use, and emotional/physical affairs. In working with couples, the goal is to identify expectations, determine what is realistic and work to help the couple meet each other’s needs.

Dr. Teague grew up in Florida and Alabama, did his graduate work in Texas, and came to Northern Virginia over 30 years ago. He and his wife, Beverly, have been married 40 years. They enjoy their horses and love the sunrises and sunsets on their horse farm. His hobbies are home remodeling, running and tennis. One of the recent joys in life is the first grandchild.